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Andi Shannon

The Elementary Learning Lab is a reading & math intervention opportunity.  

Waterford  Reading and Waterford Math & Science are comprehensive research-based multimedia instruction to help readers in K through 2nd grade learn at their own pace. The computer-based curriculum  provides  a learning experience that is focused on his or her exact needs and builds an academic foundation neccessary for a lifetime of learning!

SuccessMaker Reading and SuccessMaker Math are both research-based, interactive multimedia courses that help students in 1st through 5th grade build upon existing knowledge and acquire new knowledge in either reading or math. Because success isn't always easy, some learners need more support or learn at a different pace.  SuccessMaker utilizes an adaptive technology that provides every student with a personalized learning experience helping each learner be more successful!

Our goal is to utilize technology to promote the academic success of every child!

Andi Shannon

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