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Service Hours

Normangee High School

Service Award Guidelines


Objective:  Normangee High School will foster good school and community relations by encouraging students to participate in volunteer work that benefits the town of Normangee and/or Leon County.  Further, it is the aim of this program to teach students the value and intrinsic rewards of being a contributing member of society and showing goodwill towards others.


General Requirements: 

  • Any high school student may participate in the program. 
  • Students will be required to complete a designated number of community service hours per school year.
  • Community service hours must be sanctioned by the school. 
  • A designated high school official must document that the service hours were completed on the official voucher forms.  Documentation will be turned in no later than May 1 of each school year.  No later than April 1 the senior year.
  • Students do not earn hours for service by simply being present at an event; the student must actively provide service.
  • Students will be representing NHS and must act accordingly.  School rules apply when students are working at school-sanctioned community service opportunities (although the dress code may be a little more lax when the activity is outdoors).
  • Court-ordered community service hours cannot be used for this award; also, service hours for this award may not be used to meet the requirements for other organizations, such as NHS. Those hours must be completed separately.
  • Transfer students may receive the award if they complete the number of hours designated for the school year they enroll in the district and every school year thereafter until graduation.
  • Students who graduate with only three years of high school are eligible for the award their senior year if they completed the designated number of community service hours for their three years of high school.
  • A student who does not complete all of his or her hours one year, may “make-up” the hours the following year, but this is STRONGLY discouraged as there may not be enough sanctioned community service hours provided.  The plan is designed to be worked on each year.


  • Students completing the program successfully will be awarded white service cords that can be worn at graduation.
  • Students who complete the program will be recognized and receive their awards at the NHS Senior Night.
  • Students may list “NHS Service Award” on scholarship applications and other applications and forms once they have completed the program their senior year.


Specific Requirements:


10 hours of sanctioned community service every year of high school (40 hours total)


Students who are interested:


Mrs. Tesch is coordinating the program.  See her to sign up for specific activities and turn in hours.  Any person or organization wanting to schedule a community service event must provide an adult chaperone and get approval from Mr. Ruffin.