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Continuous Improvement


Normangee Middle School has received the rating of Improvement Required for the 2016-17 School Year.  NMS has work to do in improving the state testing outcomes of all students, especially with the growing population of economically disadvantaged students. The state grades schools on 4 Indexes: Index 1- Overall Student Achievement, 2- Student Progress, 3- Closing Performance Gaps, and 4- Post Secondary Readiness. 

Normangee Middle School missed the target score on Index 3.  

Normangee ISD Superintendent Luke Allison said, “We will continue to work hard each and every day to make sure learning is taking place and that we are teaching what we are supposed to be teaching, when we are supposed to be teaching it.  We have tweaked the system that we currently have and we continually raise expectations for our staff and students. We have staff members in place that care about our kids and want the absolute best for them.  Our students deserve to be judged on so much more than by one test on one day.”

As part of the improvement process, NMS will partner with Region 6 and have resources available to assist and support teachers and administrators throughout this year.    

Allison went on to say; “We have a flawed system with state testing, it is multi-billion dollar industry and it is unfair to the students across our state.  The intent of the original standardized testing system was to make sure that students were learning basic skills and that they were being prepared accordingly.  We now have a system that sets students up for failure, pits schools against one another and causes angst among staff and community.  At Normangee ISD, our students are much more than a test.  We have future leaders here and we are committed to providing skills that are necessary for them to be positive contributors of society. Grit, problem solving, creativity, work ethic, teamwork and passion for what you do each day, are just a few of the skills that we are working to instill.  This is much more important than one test.  The STAAR Test is punitive and does not take into account factors such as poverty, special education, language barriers or real world application.  But, right now, it is the system that we have and we will work hard to make sure that we are not in this same situation in the future.  We talk about overcoming obstacles each day and we will meet this challenge head on.” 

The district overall met standard, along with the elementary and high school campus.  Allison said, “Tremendous things are happening in our little school and I am very proud of those successes.  We don’t panic, we go back to work and make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can for our students.”