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About Us

Normangee Middle School Robotics is an extracurricular activity sponsored by Normangee ISD. We are affiliated with First Lego League (FLL) out of Bryan. FLL welcomes up to 10 students to each team to participate and compete each year. They start by designing, building, and programming an autonomous robot. They also do a theme based research project which they present to a board of judges. And then they compete for Core Values at competition by doing a team based task. 

Here is a link to FLL; check it out!


This season’s theme is Hydrodynamics/the human water cycle. We have begun researching different topics and are learning alot. Soon we will find a problem we want to address, and then come up with a solution. So stay posted to watch us go!

Through September and October we did some research on the human water cycle and learned where our water comes from, how much we use and waste, and then where it goes. What caught our interest was where it goes; down the drain to end up in water treatment plants that use multiple sludge ponds and pumping stations to pull solids and sedimant out. We learned and want to support how water districts and wildlife agancies are coming together to treat waste water in a more environmentally friendly way. They do it by using wetlands to filter waste water before the final treatments for human consumption. So we have created a video explaining this and posted it on our site and also on Facebook to share.

Click here for the video from Facebook or use this link to download the video from our site