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It’s ALWAYS a great day to be a Panther!  Normnagee ISD employs close to 100 people that have the privelege, opportunity and blessing to interact with our students each and every day.  I am beyond blessed to be one of those close to 100 employees that gets to come to campus each day and be inspired by our students.  That inspriation can come from the seeing the curiosity of a Kindergarten student or the resilience and drive of a High Schooler.

I’ve been serving as the Superintendent of Normangee ISD since December of 2018, my priority is to provide the servant leadership neccessary to help support all stakeholders in achieving our goals.  Our Core Values define the critical components of the education we provide our students at Normangee ISD:

Character Building Opportunities

Pursuit of Knowledge

Supporting the Whole Child

Safe Learning Environment

These 4 characteristics of the education provided at Normangee ISD are non-negotiable.  It is our desire that each student is challenged, supported, encouraged and celebrated in each of those 4 areas each day.  We can not be successful alone. It takes a collaborative effort from all parents, guardians and stakeholders to ensure we are able to accomplish this goal.  

Normangee ISD is committed to providing the best educational experience to our students and our community.  In order to do this we look to foster a growth mindset in everything that we do.  Our teachers to be reflective of their teaching strategies, our support personell and administration are challenged to grow professionally and we are constantly evaluating and looking to improve the resources available to our students including facilities. 

My family and I are extremely thankful and honored to be able to serve Normangee ISD.  My wife, Bay, attended Normangee Elementary as a Kindergarten student and now our oldest son, Rhett, is in Kindergarten in the same elementary with many of the same teachers and staff!  Our youngest son, Rollie, will be 3 in December and he is chomping at the bit to become a Panther!  

If I can ever help you please don’t hesitate to contact me, my email address is and office number is 936-396-2204.  




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