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  Welcome Panthers! I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of Normangee High School for the 2021-22 school year.  We had a tremendous year in 2020-21 despite all the hurdles that we had to overcome with COVID and remote learning etc.  I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with a ¨normal¨ school year.  

I’m happy to say, all our former core teachers are returning.   We have brought in a few new faces for band and boys basketball and created positions to help supplement our staff and improve in areas that we had seen some struggles.  I am confident that all our teachers are excellent teachers and excited to be leading our students toward reaching their full potential this year. 

As long as I’m leading Normangee High School there will be a continued push to challenge each student intellectually.  We will push them to improve and do it in a fashion that keeps everyone involved as safe as possible. We will lift up those that need help and champion those willing to do more than expected.  We will help them grow and develop into life-long learners with strong morals and a willingness to improve.  We will encourage students to become involved in school activities, events, teams and organizations and we will develop opportunities where students can learn the value of helping others and the Normangee community.   Through FFA, Athletics, and other extracurricular activities we will develop young men and women of character who understand the value of setting goals, and working to achieve those goals.  Ultimately, we will develop Panthers who are ready to go out into the community knowing that they have the tools needed to move forward and fulfill their dreams. 

Please understand that at times school may be very difficult for your child, and your child will need your support as we challenge them to push themselves to improve. I encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers and let us know how we can help.  I ask that you be our partners in this process, as we challenge your child to reach their potential. As much as we would like each school day to be simple, we must keep in mind that it is the struggles in life that challenge us and that those struggles require us to improve.   We must keep in mind that all struggles have the potential to help us grow into better people and those struggles are truly blessings in disguise when we approach them with the right attitude.  

Let’s make 2021-2022 a Pantherific Year! 
Mr. Davis 


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