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TEA Releases District and Campus Accountability Ratings for 2018-2019.

Click on this link to view the DISTRICT REPORT.

A link to each campus accountability report is posted on their respective webpages. 

NISD School Board Approves Teacher and Employee Pay Raises!

On June 24th at a Special Meeting, the NISD board approved the largest single pay raise for NISD teachers and increased salaries for all other employee groups.  With an estimated increase in funding through House Bill 3, the NISD School Board was eager to show their support and appreciation for NISD teachers and employees and voted to pass the compensation package.  Some details of the compensation package are outlined below:

- Increased the starting teacher salary to $37,500

- Teachers with 0-5 years experience receive a 7.5% raise

- Teachers with 6+ years expereince receive an 8% raise

-All At-Will employees and support staff receive raises ranging from $1,000 to $1,800 (An overall average of 6.9%)

- Administrators receive a 3% raise

Approved 2019-2020 Teacher Salary Schedule





Normangee ISD 2019 – 2020 School Calendar

The 2019-2020 school calendar has been approved and I wanted to take some time to point out some differences from previous years and allow some opportunity to bring some clarification to some changes.

Fall Semester

Christmas Break

Spring Semester

August 14 – December 20

December 21-January 6

January 7 – May 21




Thanksgiving Break

Spring Break


November 25-29

March 9-13



The majority of the change comes with added professional development days throughout the semester for our teachers.  These fall at the end of 6 week grading periods.  These days are teacher work days and student holidays.  The ability for our teachers to have dedicated time to assess data, plan engaging lessons, meet as professional learning communities and attend staff development sessions throughout the year will allow our teachers to provide higher level instruction to our students.  We are encouraging a growth mindset in our approach to education and these days will allow us to be constantly reflective of our strategies and approaches throughout the year. 

One of the new student holidays falls on Valentine’s Day.  We understand the importance and tradition that surrounds Valentine’s Day at Normangee ISD.  We will use Thursday, February 13th, to celebrate Valentine’s Day and will continue working with local businesses to coordinate delivery of flowers and gifts. 

As parents/guardians, we would like to encourage you to use these days to plan appointments that might previously have been scheduled during the school day, requiring your student to miss instruction.  The goal was to provide this calendar as far in advance of the upcoming school year as possible so families can plan accordingly. 



MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Normangee Independent School District is to create a safe and secure learning environment that enables students to reach their maximum potential, to employ well trained, enthusiastic personnel, and to foster positive relationships among student, parents and the community.