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Welcome Panthers! I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of Normangee High School for the 2019-2020 school year.  We have welcomed back a few former teachers you may recognize and we have brought in a few new faces as well.  I am confident that all our new faces are excellent teachers and excited to be leading our students toward reaching their full potential this year.   

I assure you that at Normangee High School we will challenge each student intellectually.  We will push them to improve.  We will lift up those that need help and champion those willing to do more than expected.  We will help them grow and develop into life-long learners with strong morals and a willingness to improve.  We will encourage students to become involved in school activities, events, teams and organizations.  Through FFA, Athletics, and other extracurricular activities we will develop young men and women of character who understand the value of setting a goals, and working to achieve those goals.  Ultimately, we will develop Panthers who are ready to go out into the community knowing that they have the tools needed to move forward and fulfill their dreams.   

This year may be difficult at times for your child, and your child will need your support as we challenge them to push themselves to improve. I encourage you to communicate with your child’s teachers and let us know how we can help.   Be our partners in this process, as we challenge them to reach their potential.   


We are always happy to show off our beautifully renovated and well maintained campus.  If you have not been on campus in a while, I recommend that you come to a school function this Fall to see the results of all the hard work and planning of the School Board and so many of the people within the Normangee community.  With the renovation, there are some changes that you need to be aware of before you visit.  

If you visit during the school day, you will instantly recognize that there is an emphasis on the safety and security of the campus.  The doors will be locked.   Obviously, safety is and will always be a priority of NISD.  During the summer break, a key-card system was installed to help secure and monitor the campus.  If Mrs. Williams doesn’t ring you in directly, there is a doorbell to ring and she will buzz you into the building.  Another significant change and upgrade to campus security it the constant presence of a Safety and Security Director.  NISD has hired Walter Dyches as NISD Director of Safety and Security and we are pleased to know that we will always have a trained professional on campus to help deal with emergency situations if they should arise.  Please understand that these changes are not an attempt to keep you from visiting.  They are simply measures put in place to help better monitor the campus.  

Trae Davis




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