Teachers helping

During our staff development this year, our teachers are committed to making an impact in our community! Teachers and staff were able to sign up for 1 of 4 different outreach opportunities to make a positive impact on our community.  We are so proud of the staff and their willingness to serve.

-Coaches spent time doing yard work for an elderly couple in Hilltop Lakes while teachers brought them snacks and a friendly face to visit with.

-Some of our teachers went down Mainstreet painting the town green! They decorated the storefronts of our local businesses with Panther Pride and positive messages getting students excited for the school year. 

-Another group of teachers committed to landscaping the Veterans Memorial Gazebo. Standley Feed was kind enough to donate several rose bushes and mulch!  Thank you Standley Feed for your support. 

-Our other group of creative and talented teachers stayed at campus and painted inspirational rocks to hide around town. If you find a rock, we hope it makes you smile. Bring it back to campus to get a free ticket to an athletic game!