Meals - To - You, is being offered again this summer. SIGN UP TODAY @ Once you sign up, you will get an email or text to hear if you can get FREE meal boxes delivered directly to your door FOR EACH OF YOUR KIDS this summer! You can also contact Tara Green for help signing up!
3 days ago, Tara Green
Parents, please take a minute to fill out our end of the year survey. We are committed to growth and reflection, your feedback is valuable in that process. Thank you for your time.
5 days ago, Normangee ISD
Our nurses are such an integral part of our staff! Thank you, Mrs. Sorters and Ms. Keefer, for the care and compassion you show our students each day! Happy National School Nurse's Day
11 days ago, Normangee ISD
nurse day
As we allow guest to come on campus to have lunch with the students, please know that we are not able to give change. The cost of adult meals are $3.50 and the snack bar prices range from .25 cents to $2.00. Please be aware that the snack bar is for 3rd-12th grade only. If you wish to add money to a students account we can accept cash or check.
12 days ago, Tara Green
Normangee ISD - Introducing your State Runner-Up UIL Academics Social Studies Team! So proud of their hard work and accomplishment. Congrats to the other students who represented Normangee in Austin last week also!
13 days ago, Normangee ISD
uil team
The bond election has passed! So excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for our students. Thank you to all for your continued support!
14 days ago, Mark Ruffin
15 days ago, Mark Ruffin
Thank you KAGSTV for reaching out to learn about our bond election. Election day is tomorrow, don't forget to go vote!
16 days ago, Normangee ISD
It is School Lunch Hero Day! NISD has THE BEST working in our food services department. You can't go through the line without smiling! Thank you for all you do.
16 days ago, Normangee ISD
lunch hero
EARLY VOTING ENDS TODAY @ 4 PM. If you haven't done so already, please cast your vote.
19 days ago, Normangee ISD
Early Voting
REMINDER - Leon Co early voting is at the school. If you come this afternoon to pick up your student, stop in and cast a vote. Early voting is open until 4PM today!
23 days ago, Normangee ISD
EARLY VOTING HAS BEGUN! Leon County registered voters can vote at school, simply walk in the front doors and let us know you're here to vote! For Madison County registered voters early voting is at the Madison Co. Courthouse.
26 days ago, Mark Ruffin
EARLY RELEASE. Parents we will run buses and release at 2:45 since we are still without power. If you'd like, you may come check your student out.
27 days ago, Normangee ISD
Newest Bond Informational Video! Early voting starts Monday!
30 days ago, Normangee ISD
NHS Students are earning Industry Based Certifications!
about 1 month ago, Normangee ISD
bond logo
New Bond Video! Learn about our Floral Design Program and plans for the Red Brick Renovations. Share the video!
about 1 month ago, Normangee ISD
MATH CHALLENGE #2 - Check out our next math challenge bond video as one of our students works through a problem to help explain the enrollment growth of NISD over the last several years.
about 1 month ago, Normangee ISD
Be a part of the efforts to strengthen broadband internet services throughout Texas by filling out this online survey from the new Broadband Development Office. It is no secret the struggles our local area has with adequate and affordable internet access.
about 1 month ago, Mark Ruffin
Senior Yearbook Ads for Sale
about 1 month ago, Brian Furbee
Yearbook Senior Ads Flyer
Check out the amazing work our Ag Mech kids turn out in this 2nd informational video about the upcoming bond election that focuses on the Ag Shop. Please take the time to share!
about 1 month ago, Normangee ISD